The Peasant Evolution Producers' Co-Operative

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We make a wide range of jams from home-grown fruit and organic fair-trade sugar. Jostaberry is a gooseberry/blackcurrant cross.

Organic Strawberry jam 282g £3.00

Organic Blackcurrant 282g £3.00

Organic Blackcurrant and Strawberry 282g £3.00

Organic Gooseberry and Elderflower 282g £3.00

Organic Jostaberry 282g £3.00

Organic Apple butter 282g £3.00

Organic Pumpkin butter 282g £3.00

Organic Seville Orange Marmalade 282g £3.00


Chutneys and Pickles



Chutneys are made from our home-grown produce, organic cider vinegar, organic fair-trade sugar and spices.
Organic Apple chutney 282g £3.00

Organic Beetroot chutney 282g £3.00

Organic Tomato and chilli chutney 282g £3.00

Organic Runner bean chutney 282g £3.00

Organic Courgette Pickle 282g £3.00

Organic Spicy Tomato Salsa HOT 282g £3.00






Elderberry is this country’s echinacea, traditionally taken to ward off coughs and chills

Elderflower cordial 250ml £2.75

Organic Blackcurrant cordial 250ml £2.50

Elderberry syrup 250ml £4.50



Chilli Products


Chilli jam

Chilli jam

Chilli Jam VERY HOT 282g £5.00

Chilli Sauce VERY HOT 370g £5.00

Sweet Chilli Sauce (not very hot) 282g £4.50