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Cover of Surviving And Thriving On The Land by Rebecca Laughton

Cover of Surviving And Thriving On The Land by Rebecca Laughton

Surviving and Thriving on the Land:

How to use your time and energy
to run a successful smallholding

by Rebecca Laughton

A post Peak Oil society will require more people to work on the land. High fuel prices will force a shift away from machine powered agriculture towards a greater reliance on human labour and animal traction. Yet, how many of us have the skills to sustain our own physical, mental and emotional energy whilst earning a land-based livelihood? Too often people’s smallholding dreams flounder, due to stress, injury, lack of money, conflict and exhaustion.

Surviving and Thriving on the Land looks at ways in which projects can be designed that care for the people involved in them as well as the earth that they are trying to protect. Environmental ideals and pragmatism are carefully weighed up in the quest for answers to questions such as, which combination of tools to choose or how to manage farm work at different ages and stages in life. Drawing on real life examples of smallholdings, land-based communities and organic market gardens, the book offers a framework of issues to consider when setting up a new project, or trying to overcome problems in existing projects.